NIVEA Skin School 20.06.23

We’ve created an interactive pop-up school to introduce NIVEA Derma Skin Clear and learn how to treat pimples properly.

Can school actually be fun? We believe so. On June 20th, Wondeflaw created the interactive, ephemeral NIVEA Skin School at Soho House Istanbul. Focusing on the NIVEA Derma Skin Clear formulated with the iconic brand’s skin expertise, the guests got to experience NIVEA Skin School’s informative and fun ways of teaching about anti-blemish effect routines. At Chemistry Class, expert dermatologist Dr. Ömür Tekeli talked about the right methods of getting clear skin, the star ingredients of NIVEA Derma Skin Clear, niacinamide, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid, as well as the benefits of chemical exfoliation. Skin Defense class was dedicated to the importance of having a strong skin barrier in the fight against pimples, and celebrity facialist Merve Akkaya shared her practical tips on strengthening the outer layer of the skin. At Skin Science Class, the guests played the NIVEA Skin School Beauty Test game to test their knowledge of anti-blemish routines and won a limited-edition Skin Care Lover sweatshirt. After visiting the interactive booths, the guests took some time off at the NIVEA Canteen and discovered more information at NIVEA Library. Ertuğrul Taban took the NIVEA Skin School Class of 2023 graduation photos at the classroom-like photo corner.