Are You Practicing Face Yoga Right?

Face yoga can do wonders for the facial muscles, but only if done right. We’ve prepared a practical guide for you to avoid 5 common mistakes and get the most out of this facial workout.

July 11, 2023

Nowadays, those who know the true value and visible effects of facial workouts are rightfully obsessed with face yoga. Done right, a regular face yoga routine can help set-off the self-renewal of the skin and soften fine lines. Plus, it’s a good way to spend some efficient self-care time on idle hours. But with this popular facial exercise, it is so easy to do it wrong and get the opposite of the desired outcome. Along with the guidance of face yoga instructor Gülşah Kasırka and founder of Face Yoga Method Fumiko Takatsu, we’ve prepared a manual with five commonly made mistakes to make sure you practice face yoga the right and beneficial way.

1- Focusing On A Single Spot

In face yoga practices, it is a common misconception to assume that focusing on a single area for ten minutes at the end of a busy day will suffice. If you are short on time, instead of exercising only on one area like the forehead lines, do a brief but nonetheless effective face yoga routine that stimulates all the muscles in the head, neck, and face, as you will get more benefits for a complete session, even if it is short-lived.

2- Randomly Practicing Face Yoga During The Day Without Looking In The Mirror

Although face yoga might seem like a self-care accomplice to Netflix-and-chill sessions, it is best that the exercises are done facing a mirror. The reason is simple: You might involuntarily frown or stretch another area, whilst working on the desired one. For best results, get in front of a mirror and make sure you’re not creating accidental new lines on a different part of your face.

3- Applying Too Much Weight On The Arms and Fingers

You will obviously rely on your fingers, wrists, and arms when doing face yoga, but it’s crucial not to overdo it. Applying unnecessary pressure will not make the exercise more effective; instead, overworking the muscles can lead to further issues, especially around delicate areas like the eye and lips. At Wonderflaw, we believe that all skincare rituals – including face yoga- should be done gently. Kasırka also emphasizes in her videos that instead of applying pressure with all your strength, light touches are quite sufficient to achieve healthy outcomes.

4- Avoiding Facial Gestures

It’s often assumed that being too expressive can deepen or create new lines on the face. This is partially true. If you find yourself involuntarily frowning or squinting during the day (especially when applying mascara), avoiding the unnecessary facial expressions is a sensible idea. That’s because repeated gestures can eventually create wrinkles or make existing ones more visible. Paying attention to your posture is also important — for instance, slouching or continually bending your neck while checking on your phone can cause sagging of the skin and even trigger double chin formation. However, there’s one facial gesture that won’t cause any wrinkles and on the contrary, will make you feel awesome, and that’s laughing. Smiling (and being happy) is actually a gleeful workout for the cheeks!

5- Avoiding Face Yoga Altogether Due To Asymmetrical Features

Here is the good news: Asymmetrical facial features can attain relative symmetry through consistently practicing face yoga under the supervision of an expert. In this specific facial workout routine, it may be required to focus on certain parts more than others to achieve balance.