Tried & Tested

Dr.Jart Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution Sheet Mask

April 2, 2024

Who? Ebru Kabacık
For how long? Once

My pampering depends on indulging in my self-care routine. I sometimes devote an entire day to long skincare sessions. Lately, I’ve added a sheet mask as a last step of my routine. Dr. Jart’s soothing Hydra Solution mask, featured in this edition of Tried & Tested, has been on my radar for quite a while. When I saw my favorite TikToker Anastazia (@anastazia) using it, I was even more intrigued.

When the temperatures fluctuate, my skin becomes dry, and I get facial redness occasionally. That’s when I got my hands on Dr.Jart’s mask to soothe my skin. To get the most out of the mask and observe the results closely, I decided to try it while my skin was relatively dry. After cleansing, I placed it on my face. For the mask to cover my entire face, I had to cut it between my eyes, upper lip, and chin. Roughly 30 minutes later, I removed it and patted the remaining serum into my skin.

Powered by aloe vera, green tea, panthenol, and ginger extract, the mask’s formula instantly soothed my sensitive skin. My skin was left feeling ultra-hydrated, and the excess serum was easily absorbed. What’s more, it gave a radiant finish by revitalizing my face. I no longer had redness and itchiness due to the changes in the weather. Dr.Jart’s sheet mask has become my staple. I’ll keep using it for a quick fix for my skin or as the last step to my extended self-care sessions.

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