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Liliya Sezgin, Founder of Lila Profnails and Nail Artist

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, fake nails, gel manicures, and nail art designs are here to stay. Liliya Sezgin’s fascination with the world of nails runs even deeper. With nearly three decades of experience, Sezgin stands out as a dedicated nail artist with her unwavering passion and expertise.

February 21, 2024
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I moved to Turkey from Russia in 2015, and about six and a half years ago, launched Lila Profnails. My journey began with a history and marketing degree at college, followed by a brief stint at a major pharmaceutical company. However, feeling disconnected from the corporate environment, I sought a career that would allow me to channel my artistic inclinations more fully. Since the age of sixteen, I have been involved with nails, attending a prosthetic nail course and even operating my own modest studio. This experience eventually led me to focus exclusively on nails.

What services do you offer at Lila Profnails? What are the latest manicure and pedicure techniques you practice?

At Lila Profnails, we specialize in manicure and pedicure, as well as hand and foot care services, ensuring a high level of professionalism. We keep up-to-date with industry innovations, such as keratin treatment for nails. This treatment, just like its hair counterpart, enhances the thickness and health of nails. In response to the rising demand for natural care, we offer a Japanese manicure using entirely natural and vegan products to achieve a glossy finish. There have also been significant developments in pedicure in recent years. We use a pododisc tool instead of traditional pumice stones. This method effectively removes calluses and accumulated skin without causing damage, resulting in a longer-lasting pedicure. We have a holistic approach that considers health and beauty equally.


Liliya Sezgin tests all products before applying them to her clients.


 Some people have concerns about the safety of gel polishes. How do you reassure them?

I draw a parallel with hair care. Just like using high-quality products and having a skilled hairstylist matter for your hair, the same goes for nail art. We take every precaution to ensure our materials are top-notch by testing them ourselves before applying them to our clients. It’s like quality control with a personal touch! Since our materials are chemical-based, they can potentially trigger allergic reactions. I always keep an eye out to ensure the safety of our clients. And remember, it’s best to leave the removal of gel nail polish and nail art to the professionals.

What are your aftercare tips once you remove gel polish or nail art?

Proper removal eliminates the need for additional care. However, it’s always beneficial to generously apply natural oils to the hands and surrounding nail areas. We offer keratin treatment for clients with naturally thin nails to diminish the risk of further thinning post-procedure.

Do your clients follow social media trends for nail art?

Absolutely. Ever since Hailey Bieber brought glazed donut nails into the spotlight two years ago, this trend has seen remarkable demand. I anticipate that chrome and metallic hues will have a popular year in 2024.

Are you seeing demand for intricate 3D nail art textures that are especially loved by Gen Z and K-beauty fans?

Definitely. Meeting such demands requires both specialized materials and comprehensive knowledge of nail art techniques. I personally source materials from international suppliers to cater to these requests. Here at our studio, we strive to make every request possible.


Nail artists at Lila Profnails have a holistic approach that considers health and beauty equally.


How do clients go about deciding on nail art designs?

We have two types of clients: Some arrive with a clear vision, have thoroughly researched their desired designs, and often find inspiration on platforms like Pinterest. Others seek guidance without a specific idea in mind. We craft design and color suggestions that perfectly complement their styles, favorite hues, and skin tones. Our service goes beyond mere nail care; we take a holistic approach to personal style to ensure a perfect match. It’s important that every client feels comfortable and leaves our studio feeling delighted.

What do you envision for the future of nail art? Which designs will dominate in 2024?

Pantone’s color of the year is peach fuzz, though its suitability on nails across different skin tones remains to be seen. However, it can yield striking results when used as an accent in ombre, French manicures, and diverse color palettes. This season, French manicures have taken on a bolder aesthetic. Moreover, expect to see an array of animal-inspired motifs like crocodiles, snakes, cheetahs, and turtles gracing nails in the upcoming spring and summer months.

Is there a nail art design that you would never do?

I steer clear of outdated lace-like patterns and designs.

What are your go-to nail care products?

I rely on INCIA’s coconut oil for my nails, thanks to its convenient solid form for on-the-go application. I swear by Chanel’s Le Lift hand cream for its effective spot-fighting formula and quick absorption. And Sephora’s coconut hand cream is a must-have at all times.

You’re a part of the neighborhood culture here. What are your thoughts on offering beauty and wellness services in such a place?

Our location is quite central, housed in a building with a rich history spanning 130 years. Visitors often remark that our establishment doesn’t feel like your typical nail studio; it has a distinct character and ambiance.

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