P2BUS (Proud To Be Us), London

The quirky and skincare-conscious Chinatown destination for all things Korean & Japanese beauty.

July 5, 2022

Before the Korean beauty trend amassed fans around the globe, there was P2BUS — the ultimate quirky destination in London for Asian beauty and skincare products, nestled in the heart of Chinatown. Initially founded for Asian people who were experiencing skin problems due to the city’s pollution after their move, the independent retailer has since become a go-to experience. The super helpful and skincare-conscious sales staff are happy to guide you through all the Korean and Japanese beauty essentials filling the floor-to-ceiling shelves of their small store, which has the aura of a candy shop.

The range of products can’t easily be found elsewhere: Shiseido oil blotting papers, jawline stretching patches, nose masks for clearing blackheads, and hair dye in all the colors of the rainbow. All needs are covered from ten-step rituals and Korea’s best-selling lip balm to hundreds of options for sheet masks. Therapy air masks made of incredibly thin sheets infuse your complexion with smoothing green tea — or for the more adventurous, Korean beauty’s infamous snail mucin is also an option that helps to revitalize skin cells and form a protective moisture veil on the skin.

Wondertip: With their playful candy-like packaging, p2bus also makes for perfect fun additions to any gift bag. Grab matcha-infused snacks or the pink kiss-shaped cherry jelly lip patches for a collagen-pumped pout!

21 Newport Court, London WC2H 7JS