Teresa Tarmey, London

London’s A-list facialist Teresa Tarmey’s skincare clinic delivers professional results in a serene and elegant atmosphere.

January 4, 2024

Teresa Tarmey has been in the industry for over 25 years—she was Dior’s global skincare expert and ambassador and is often described as a “super facialist” responsible for the glow of faces such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. In the age of TikTok tips, she is adamant that “no one can take care of your skin like an expert.” Alongside residencies in Four Seasons at Maldives or The Cadogan Hotel in Chelsea, her flagship on Kensington Park Road is an impressive space that is giving more art gallery than skin clinic. There’s a 70s aesthetic with Guy Bourdin prints and an impeccably professional atmosphere focused on clinical tools, techniques, and results.

They recommend booking a Signature Facial to double as a comprehensive consultation or Advanced (which would mean all therapists have 10 to 30 years of experience with lasers) if you have particular concerns like scarring or pigmentation. There’s a Don’t Forget The Neck segment for more overlooked treatments. They also provide aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers and radio frequency. For the truly decadent, there are even IV drips designed for jet-setters with electrolytes, vitamins, and glutamine. Clinicians on site can perform a blood test during the drip, looking into early symptoms of illness and your body’s vitamin levels or hormones, and refer you to a doctor if there are any issues.

Wondertip: Tarmey’s carefully curated product range includes a gentle 0.3% retinol serum and an at-home microneedling kit—a method she’s passionate about since treating her acne this way.

206-208 Kensington Park Road London W11 1NR