Zeyrek Çinili Hamam, İstanbul

The most elevated Turkish bath experience housed in a unique, historical destination.

July 4, 2024

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the hammam experience—being bathed from head to toe by a kind stranger is always mentally and physically transformative. Zeyrek Çinili Hamam, one of Mimar Sinan’s architectural gifts to Istanbul, takes the Turkish bath to a new, elevated level while maintaining quintessential authenticity. The double-domed hammam (meaning there’s a separate men’s and women’s section that can be used simultaneously) had been under diligent reconstruction for almost 15 years, operated by the Marmara Group. Finally, Zeyrek Çinili Hamam opened for bathing in the spring of 2024.

Your experience here is the best possible version of the authentic hammam, with carefully thought-out details that make for a luxuriously curated bathing time. The Hussein Chalayan-designed hammam attire (for both the guests and the therapists), a meticulous selection of local beauty brands used during the sessions, marble massage beds and stools designed by artist Theodore Psychoyos, the post-hammam refreshments served in delicate Santimetre Studio porcelains, the Dyson hair tools, and “Bathe in History” goodie bags are all memorable parts of the Zeyrek Çinili Hamam experience. To me, the setting, however, is the most striking of them all. Literally being bathed in history in a hammam that was once one of the most vibrant in the city during the Ottoman era, under Mimar Sinan’s iconic domes, with a unique balance of heritage and contemporary well-being, is priceless.

Wondertip: In many ways, Zeyrek Çinili Hamam is both an authentic Turkish bath and a luxury well-being destination. Their sessions are crafted with this sensibility, and my favorite is the Total Reset. The hour-and-a-half experience includes classic bath therapy, full-body foam massage, de-stressing foot massage, and a Biologique Recherche sheet mask, fully deserving of its name. Also, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop to grab hammam memorabilia and Turkish beauty essentials. Got more time on your hands? Visit the hammam museum to witness incredible Turkish bath artifacts.

İtfaiye Cad, No: 44, Fatih