Benefits And ‘How-To’s Of Dry Brushing

In which we talk about the importance and benefits of dry brushing everyday.

November 25, 2022

It wasn’t long ago that many lifestyle websites and magazines started talking about the importance of dry brushing and the wonders it can do to your body. It is true that dry brushing helps you get rid of dead skin cells. However, you can’t just do it a couple of times and then expect marvelous results. When it comes to dry brushing, consistency is key.

Staying loyal to a dry brushing ritual can have many benefits in terms of having a better looking skin and also feeling energized, especially when you adapt it to your morning routine. And the best part is, it only takes a couple of minutes. You can have a couple of minutes to yourself everyday, can’t you? Especially now that we have realized that a few self-care minutes can do us so much good. While exfoliating dead skin cells, dry brushing also helps with lymphatic drainage and it also boosts circulation ergo the feeling of instant rejuvenation. If you see it more as a chore, you can think of it as meditation. There is just something about the soft bristles going upwards from your feet to your heart. That’s what experts recommend when dry brushing: Start from the feet and brush up towards the heart. If you want to start from the waist up, then begin brushing from the hands and then towards the heart. When it’s time to do your stomach and chest, try gently brushing in a circular motion. Don’t forget the arms and armpits, too.

Another key step when dry brushing is to be GENTLE. Choose yourself a brush that has natural medium-to-soft bristles. And don’t be too hard on yourself (literally and figuratively). Always have a lighter hand when dry brushing.

While some use their brushes on their own, some get a little help from using dry oils. If you want to use an oil, then shower beforehand so you will have a clean surface to work with. Or you can dry brush, take a shower and then put on your favorite moisturizer or oil. For the extra oomph of blood flow, Wonderflaw team likes to lie down post-brushing and put the legs up vertically for about 10 minutes. Wishing you all a lighter and revived day!