Tried & Tested

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Conditioner

January 18, 2024

Who? Nur Özdamar
For how long? 1 wash

My hair is one of the most Turkish things about me. People told me they could tell I’m Turkish because of my hair. I was born with a full head of dark hair, which then evolved into cute little curls and turned into a boy-like shortcut because “it was too hard to deal with” (thanks, Mom). It went through a lot during my teenage years: it got dyed pink and then red, straightened a lot, and many other explorations I will not disclose here. Nowadays, I’m letting it be. My hair is thick, dark, and has a beautiful wave when it wants to and needs taking care of.

I’m a big fan of doing a lot of research (social media mostly), reading about beauty, and trying new products. I have some staples that I always go back to while nurturing my curiosity about products that work best for me. The Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Conditioner was one of those products I read about (Marjon Carlos’ Top Shelf), which did not disappoint.

Charlotte Mensah is a British/Ghanaian hairstylist and founder of Hair Lounge in London and the Manketti Oil product range. She is an inspiring businesswoman with many accolades, championing natural hair, and even published a book called Good Hair.

The Conditioner is one of those products that immediately delivers on what it promises. After the first wash, unlike any other products I have previously tried, my hair was very silky and manageable (an important benefit) without any greasy residue. It left a divine smell that actually stayed in your hair after drying (If they ever make a hair perfume, I’m in). The product uses organic, ethical, and sustainable sourced manketti nut and ximenia oils, known for their hydrating and repairing qualities. I’m now online, putting the rest of the product range in my basket. Don’t sleep on Charlotte Mensah products!

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