FaceGym, London

An institute created to remind us that our face muscles also need regular exercise to stay healthy and in shape.

March 30, 2022

Are cheekbones the new abs? We have over 40 muscles in our faces that we can sculpt, just like you would work out your body. At the studio, they target the forgotten muscles in your face with bespoke massage techniques including knuckling and pinching to stimulate blood circulation and collagen, boosting the lymphatic system and increasing cell renewal. The process is more like a fitness class for your skin. But unlike the gym, you can expect to see the results immediately after. They also offer online classes to rejuvenate with the help of serums and face balls. You can tailor it to your own needs from plumping lips and lifting eyebrows to softening fine lines or contouring the jawline. London-born FaceGym has several locations in the city, a residency at Soho Farmhouse and as well as new studios in NYC.

Wondertip: As with all exercises, continuity is key for results. Investing in their face sculpting tools and training serums to join your morning routine might be a good idea to take FaceGym home.