Get Naked To Elongate Your Summer Glow

Hopping in the shower? We’ve picked out our favorite body scrubs that will enhance a head-to-toe radiance.

August 31, 2023

Post-holidays, we tend to give all our self-care attention to our faces and hair and neglect our body, which is also made up of skin. Facts: Using a body scrub once or twice a week can help shred off dead skin, maintain healthy circulation (especially if there’s caffeine in the ingredients), and prevent ingrowns. We know what you’re thinking: Will your tan stay intact? Answer: It will look better. Most avoid using scrubs in the summer or fall to prevent fading of their tans, but on the contrary, body peeling rituals such as Turkish bath and scrubs can instigate an even better glow. Before you jump in the shower, check out 12 of our favorite body scrubs to look and feel your best.