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A Makeup Artist’s Pro-Tips For Your Wedding Day

Makeup artist Banu Yorulmaz shares the secrets to achieving perfect bridal makeup.

May 22, 2024

I got married on a bitterly cold and rainy winter day. Opting for a professional to handle my makeup was hands down the best decision I made. Banu Yorulmaz wowed me with her skill and left me spellbound with her touches on my big day. Despite the downpour, my makeup remained flawless throughout. I even found myself contemplating for the first time, “Should I really take off this makeup?”

Yorulmaz’s fascination with the art of makeup sparked while lending a hand at a friend’s hair salon during school breaks. Determined to delve deeper, she embarked on training in beauty expertise. In 1998, she crossed paths with the illustrious makeup artist Suzan Kardeş. This marked the beginning of her journey as Kardeş’s assistant and her official entry into the professional makeup realm. Over the years, she honed her skills working across diverse domains, from advertising to television. It was during this time that her passion for bridal makeup truly flourished. Her favorite part? Bringing joy to brides on the best day of their life.

I recently caught up with Yorulmaz for insider tips on prepping the skin and keeping the makeup last. Here’s a little something from Team Wonderflaw to all you future brides.


Banu Yorulmaz recommends brides to pamper their skin with a gentle, rejuvenating treatment at least a week before the wedding. Photo: Mustafa Nurdoğdu
Getting the skin ready for bridal makeup is absolutely key—it sets the stage for a flawless look that lasts. What’s your advice for brides when it comes to prepping their skin?

I know how crucial it is for brides to feel good all day and look great in photos. To achieve a fresh and glowing complexion, I recommend brides pamper their skin with a gentle, rejuvenating treatment at least a week before the wedding. It’s crucial to avoid any harsh treatments or products that could irritate the skin.

How do you prepare the skin before starting bridal makeup?

I first analyze the skin type and select the right serum and moisturizer to prep the skin. I’m all about using products that cater to your skin’s needs because this prep work sets the stage for flawless makeup. It’s the secret to long-lasting, professional-looking results!

How do different factors like the wedding theme, weather, bridal gown, and hairstyle influence the makeup?

Meeting and doing a trial run before the big day before is a must. Achieving a seamless, cohesive look is all about teamwork! When deciding on the makeup style, I start by understanding the bride’s preferences and dream vision for how she wants to look and feel. I must also consider the weather forecast and whether your wedding will be indoors or al fresco. These factors play a huge role in selecting the right products to ensure your makeup stays flawless no matter what.

How should a makeup artist collaborate with the hairstylist on the wedding day?

Teamwork makes the dream work! So the makeup artist and hairstylist must manage the process together in a coordinated manner. Typically, I start the makeup after the initial prep work on the hair is done. Once the makeup is complete, the hairstylist works on the hair, adding accessories and the veil. Finally, after the bride puts on her gown, I do the décolletage makeup and final touch-ups.

I was all set on doing my makeup for the big day until Valerie recommended you. Working with you opened my eyes to the importance of experience and technique in creating that perfect look. So, what would you advise someone determined to do their bridal makeup?

My top tip would be to embrace the power of professional assistance. Because let’s face it, makeup is more than just a brush and some colors – it’s a skillful art form. You wouldn’t want to look back on your wedding photos years later and wish you’d done things differently. In some cases—like if you’re tying the knot overseas—I’ve even given makeup crash courses to brides. So they could feel confident doing their own makeup on that special day.


Have you ever had a moment where you steered a bride away from a major makeup mishap?

Oh, I’ve got a memorable one for you! Once, during a consultation with a bride, I noticed she had these super intense silk eyelash extensions. I gently pointed out that heavy lashes can drag the eyes down and suggested she skip them for the wedding day. At first, she was hesitant to part with her beloved lashes. But I managed to sway her with a little show-and-tell of some photos. After the wedding makeup, she told me she ditched the silk lashes. It’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it. That’s why I always aim to dish out advice with a sprinkle of sugar, taking their vibe and style into account.

What simple steps can a bride take to keep her makeup during the wedding?

The bride’s makeup needs to look fresh and last. To ensure this I always use a setting spray after finishing the makeup. Throughout the night, a quick touch-up with translucent powder on the T-zone and a lipstick refresh can work wonders to keep that makeup looking fresh.

Do you have any beauty tips for the brides?

Carve out some me-time the day before the big day. Treat yourself to some pampering like massages and mani-pedis. Get a good night’s sleep before the wedding, kick off the morning with breakfast, and remember to savor every moment of the preparation. It’s all about feeling your best and enjoying the journey to saying “I do” in style!