All About TikTok's Popular Everything Shower Trend

Wonderflaw’s tips for an ultimately indulgent shower experience.

June 25, 2024

TikTok is one of the biggest driving forces behind beauty and wellness trends. But how can something as simple as taking a shower become a trend? With 832.5 million views, the Everything Shower is rapidly gaining popularity on TikTok. This trend features an extended, personalized bathing ritual centered on self-care and relaxation to help you unwind and feel refreshed. I treat myself to an Everything Shower weekly. My essential steps include applying hair oil, a body scrub, and a hydrating sheet mask. Enhance this pampering session by adding eucalyptus leaves to your shower and curating a great playlist. Remember to opt for warm water over hot, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water afterward.

Before The Shower

Lymphatic massage

Use a dry brush or a wooden massage tool, start from your feet and move towards your heart. This gesture instantly helps you feel more invigorated and energized.

Nourishing hair oil

Apply your favorite oils to your scalp and hair ends, let them sit for a while, then rinse.

During The Shower


While it might seem like a mundane detail, using a shampoo that suits your hair type can significantly enhance your self-care experience.

Conditioner or mask

Treat your hair with a conditioner or mask tailored to its needs. While waiting for the product to work, move on to body scrubbing. There’s no limit to pampering yourself in Everything Shower!

Body scrub

Exfoliate your skin with a body scrub. Scrubbing helps remove dead skin and prepares your body for shaving. Especially during summer, scrubbing enhances your tan’s glow.

Soap and shower gel

For a deep cleanse, use soap first, followed by shower gel, to make the gel’s scent last longer. Tested and approved.

Cleansing the skin

In the final shower step, clean your face with a cleanser suited to your skin type.

After The Shower

Moisturizing the skin

After a long shower, your skin may feel dry. We recommend applying a sheet mask, but if you’re short on time, applying a good moisturizer will do the trick.

Moisturizing the body

Apply dry oil to your slightly damp body for very dry skin, then follow with a moisturizer to lock in hydration.

Leave-in hair treatment or oil

Finally, apply a leave-in treatment or hair oil and style your hair as desired.