These Hyaluronic Acid Serums Are Worth The Investment

Keep your skin bouncy with the ingredient of the decade.

March 31, 2022

It wasn’t long ago, most people -myself included- did a double-take of the word “hyaluronic” to be able to pronounce it. Now, though, it has become one of the most common words we use in the world of beauty. Hyaluronic acid is now everywhere and in a long list of products. It has become the unofficial seasoning of skincare ingredients. But why is it so popular; and most importantly: What is it exactly?

According to Harvard Medical School, hyaluronic acid (HA for short) is naturally found in the human body: In the skin, eyes, and joints. As a humectant, meaning, a substance that can retain moisture, it can bind over one thousand times its weight in water. That’s where the bounce factor comes from. If you are curious in detail, the type of HA used in beauty products is made by bacteria in labs via a process called “bio fermentation”.

So the naturally found HA in your body? Along with collagen and elastin, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases as we age. Therefore, our body and skin lose that plumpness and natural hydration. That’s where this star ingredient comes into play. When you use a hyaluronic acid-based product, you are giving some of that lost hydration back to your skin. And it’s always the most effective to get that from a serum.

HA is also an easy-going ingredient. It is suitable for most skin types, even sensitive (don’t let the word ‘acid’ throw you off and please concentrate on ‘hyaluronic’) or acne-prone – all skins need hydration.

It is also a great team member: Hyaluronic acid layers well with almost every other ingredient. This is an important thing to know as these days it makes a cameo in so many products – makeup, sunscreen, lip balms, hair products, and so forth.

Since it is known to be a booster, though, it will be most efficient and show you its abilities if you use it as one. Enter, Hyaluronic acid-based serums. You can find a couple of suggestions, most of them that have reached cult status, below. Remember that not all HA serums are created the same: It makes sense to look for ones with a couple of different types of HA molecules and that sodium hyaluronate is high up in the ingredients list.

Enjoy the bounce!