Are Concealers Evolving?

It sure looks like it. We put together a list of next-gen numbers that prove the concealer evolution theory.

August 15, 2022

Concealers are expected to serve three major purposes: Correct, conceal, and contour. But this was back in the day when concealers were just concealers. Over the past few years, brands have started to create products that aim to do more than just temporarily get rid of dark circles, spots, or acne scars. Nowadays, concealers also want to help improve your skin while doing their primary job. This is thanks to techy applicators and smart ingredients that are usually reserved for skincare products.

Now, are we asking too much from our good old concealer? No, actually. In the contemporary beauty world, it’s quite rare for one product to just do one thing. And concealers are responding to the conscious-makeup wearer who wants to get the most out of a single product. We present a selection of next-gen concealers that will make you believe in our concealer evolution theory.