Are You On The Lookout For A Great Vitamin C Serum?

Us too. We’ve selected eight superstar Vitamin C-based serums that offer visible benefits towards a healthy complexion.

November 3, 2022

My skincare history splits up in two: Before Vitamin C  (BC, lol) and after Vitamin C. It all started when I introduced a proper C serum into my routine and my skin got incredibly close to reaching its full potential. The first serum I picked was 15% and I started out by using it every three days. The results were visible in as little as 2 weeks (I’m dead serious), and so I was hooked: An even skin tone, reduced fine lines, and an overall improved skin quality. Summer freckles on my nose were also visibly faded. In short, I decided that the road to having the skin of your dreams starts with Vitamin C. If you also wish to have an enlightening experience when it comes to your skincare, try one of the serums below. One of them can be the superstar product that will take your routine to the professional level.