Colored Mascaras That Will Add Depth To Your Eyes

This fall, it’s time for colored mascaras to have a permanent seat at the makeup table.

September 22, 2023

Colored mascaras are underrated. They bring an effortless change to your look enough for people to realize something is delightfully different but subtle enough that they can’t really tell what. I remember the very first time I used a tawny, brownish mascara. It provided a sparkle to my hazel eyes that black ones never did. Don’t get me wrong. Black is classic for a reason; it’s universal. But the best thing about these mascaras is that you can use one that has the ability to enhance your eye color. If you’re skeptical about colored mascaras, start with something muted like brown or deep plum. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize that they will add depth and dimension to your eyes, especially when paired with suitable eyeshadows. We made a list of our favorite black-alternative mascaras that can bring a fresh change to your fall makeup routine. Take your pick below!