Future Proof Your Skin With Sunscreens

Summer may be over, but sunscreens are forever. We’ve selected 20 mighty formulations ready to become your year-round essentials.

September 13, 2023

What is the most vital step of your skincare regimen? These days, with the sheer abundance of beauty products, the answer to this question can be uncertain. However, sunscreens are my obvious answer, as they provide a protective shield for the skin. This is everything, both for the inner health and the visible complexion. And sunscreens aren’t only for summer, as our skins and the sun exist all year, rain or shine. Applying SPF when you don’t leave the house is equally crucial.

Sun protection mainly falls into two categories: Chemical and mineral. Chemical sunscreens absorb UVA and UVB rays on a cellular level and transform them into non-damaging heat. They must be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure. Contemporary formulations are almost quickly absorbed and don’t leave a white cast. Plus, different types of chemical sunscreen for different skin types are numerous.

On the other hand, mineral (or physical) sunscreens protect the skin by reflecting UV rays with two active ingredients: Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They work like a mirror. Mineral sunscreens defend the skin immediately and are ideal for children and sensitive skin types. I know that they have gotten a bad rep for their thick textures in the past; after all, no one wants to look like Casper or Mark Zuckerberg on a surfboard. Here is the good news: The new wave of mineral alternatives is formulated to have lighter, more invisible textures. So much so that you will forget their existence under your makeup. Plus, the infamous white residue effect is long fixed.

Wondertip: Remember to double-cleanse your skin to remove sunscreen from your pores deeply.

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