Here’s Why You Should Use Retinol On Your Body, Too

It’s the perfect time to start prepping the body for summer with retinol.

March 28, 2024

With spring upon us, it’s time to give your skincare routine a seasonal upgrade—enter retinol! While we often prioritize our facial skincare, our body’s largest organ deserves some pampering as well. Retinol, long hailed as a staple in facial skincare, is now in the spotlight for its benefits on the body, offering solutions to common concerns like dryness, dullness, and loosening skin. In this post, we’ll explore why colder months are the perfect time to incorporate a retinol body product into your routine.

Do you actually need it?

Before diving into the world of retinol for your body, it’s essential to determine if it’s the right fit for your skin. If you’ve been battling rough texture, uneven tone, hyperpigmentation, or stubborn body acne, retinol might just be the superhero your skin needs. Always use retinol with caution, though, if your skin is on the sensitive side. Start with a patch test; use it every other day at first, gradually increasing usage.

Why now?

As you may already know, retinol can make your skin sensitive to the sun, and since you probably won’t be spending the day at the beach anytime soon (unless you live close to or below the Equator line), now might be the perfect time to use retinol as your body would not be exposed to sun rays all that much. However, don’t forget to put sunscreen on the areas of your face and body that won’t be covered (such as your hands and neck) when you use retinol.


Retinol might be an extremely drying ingredient, especially if you have just started using it. Following up with a sturdy body butter or lotion is a step you don’t want to miss.

Avoid harsh exfoliants

Take a break from potent ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or AHAs/BHAs while using retinol—they do NOT get along well and might cause the skin to react or break out. Be mindful of sensitive or broken skin areas, and always consult a dermatologist if you’re unsure about combining certain ingredients with retinol. It’s also important to note that pregnant or breastfeeding mamas should refrain from it altogether. Here are 8 effective retinol body products to consider adding to your routine.