Sensitive-Eye-Approved Makeup Removers

The key to finding the right makeup remover for the eyes, dear reader, is in the ingredient list.

May 26, 2022

Wouldn’t it be great if we could remove our eye makeup in one swipe? But as we all know, that’s never the case. It’s quite the opposite. Some makeup products -especially waterproof ones- can be pretty stubborn to come off. Plus, if you have sensitive eyes (as most of us do!), it’s truly a challenge to find the right eye makeup remover. But during the last few years, the beauty industry has come up with kinder cleansers that can get that eye makeup off and, in the meantime, not irritate the skin.

The key here is always to be gentle while using them on your eye area, and also choose products that don’t contain essential oils or fragrances. The products we are sharing below are suitable for sensitive skin types, period-induced-sensitized-skin, ones who wear a lot of makeup, or just anyone who wants to treat their eye area a little nicely.