This Tip Will Change Your Relationship With Eyeliners Forever

For a mistake-proof eyeliner, all you need is a mirror and a pair of eyes.

March 30, 2022

Up until two years ago, every eyeliner session I had was an unsolicited makeup adventure.

Is this the day I’ll finally draw the perfect line?

Should I get a Q-tip to fix the edges?

Are both sides going to be even?

Can I fix it without starting over? (Please, please, please!)

On my thirtieth birthday, Fezi Altun celebrated makeup artist and embodiment of sweetness did my makeup with scarlet-hued smokey eyes and red lips. An unforgettable look I’ve tried to mimic many times ever since (emphasis on tried). When he asked me if I wanted eyeliner, I instantly replied “yes”. Despite my countless failures in my eyeliner journey, I am the one most familiar with the form of my eyelids, so I thought it would be a good idea to show him exactly where I wanted the line to end.

Don’t you worry? When we get to the edge, you can look in the mirror and lead me from there, he calmly replied.


Yup. That’s it. That’s the tip.

An incredibly practical and one hundred percent foolproof tip. All you have to do is open your eyes and look in the mirror whilst drawing the line.

Before my eyeliner-rite-of-passage, half of my technique relied on a good gel product and a quality brush, and the other half on my sheer luck and fate in doing makeup. After I started applying it with Fezi’s hack, I gained control of all my eyeliner efforts and the margin of error dropped down to nearly zero. So did all my eyeliner-trial-and-error-induced tardiness.

Here’s another tip from the acclaimed eye makeup pro: “Keep your eyes open and put a tiny dot on the spot where you want the edge of your line to end. Draw a straight line towards that dot for a mistake-proof line.”

I hope this article reaches everyone who has been struggling to apply eyeliner with their eyes closed!

Special thanks to Fezi, and of course, mirrors.